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Raspberry Liqueur



At the end of VI and beginning of VII century, Singidunum (nowadays Belgrade) was inhabited by a tribe of Slavs Serbs.

They brought their customs with them men made brandy, usually from plums and women made liqueurs and preserves.

Women made liqueurs from collected ripe fruit put in a large bowl and covered with a coat of sugar and a coat of cracked drupes (if they collected stone fruit), which was again covered with a layer of fruit, sugar and drupes all the way to the top of the bowl and finally, a brandy, usually made of fruit, was added.

Bowls were then wrapped in clean handmade cloth and left to ferment in sun for three weeks.

After three weeks, the contents of every bowl was filtered through a clean cloth and returned to the bowls which were then carefully sealed and held in a cold place

And while throughout Serbia the raspberry fields kept springing up, secret of raspberry liqueur was entrusted from a mother to daughter.

Intrigue is served slightly chilled or combined with ice and a slice of lemon .





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